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Duck Life 4 Game: 

Duck Life 4 is part 4 of the series games which is very popular in the world - duck life. This game is a product of Wix Games and was released in March 2010.

In this game, you will train your ducks with many skills to win the race. It is a bit different from other parts, in this edition, your ducks can't be trained all the skills at once. Instead, you must win a tournament to unlock the new skills and the new area. During the training, you can take part in some races to earn coins. You also can use these coins to buy fashion items or new ducks in the duckshop.

Trainning mode in Duck Life 4

Trainning mode in Duck Life 4 

How to play Duck Life 4?

  • You use the arrow keys to Control the duck
  • Using the Mouse to feed your duck and view the map
  • Using Button 1, 2, 3, and 4 to avoid the obstacles in the tournament.

Duck Life 4 tips and tricks

  • You should try to train your ducks as long as possible. The longer you train, the higher level your ducks get.
  • Try to train your duck very well in all skills to win the tournament.
  • To turn on or off the sound and the music of the game, you can click on setting icon on the left of the screen, then untick in buttons sound and music.

Duck Life 4 unblocked game

Duck life 4 has a simple and cute graphics with the bright colors, so it is suitable for all ages. However, you can't play this game in some areas such as school, company, restaurant, ... because they blocked the game.

Don't worry! provides you duck life 4 unblocked game for free. So, you can play this game on whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, always try to optimize your experience on our website, so, when you come with us, you just have to enjoy the game and worry about nothing.

Finally, don’t forget to bookmark our website on your browser to enjoy the game easier by pressing “CTRL + D”. Very easy, isn’t it?

Now, it the time to enjoy duck life 4. Let’s start!

Duck Life 4 Unblocked Walkthrough

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